Saturday, 14 September 2013

Life Update | Instagram

Hello everyone,

Well it's fair to say I've been completely rubbish in keeping up with this. The summer has been an incredibly busy time for me and I finally have some space to revive my blog. I think the best way to play catch-up is a load of lovely instagrams!

So, in short, over the summer I have been on holiday to Corfu and bought weird and wonderful souvenirs (i.e my Gandalf incense stick burner), seeing my amazing friends, losing my BBC Proms virginity, promoting and performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, FINALLY buying my new Apple Macbook Pro, shooing chickens out of the house, and buying a Lucious Malfoy cane with Phoebe playing Dobby! A very condensed account of my summer and I do intent to explain more in time! And it's only fitting that since I'll be going to university in a few weeks that I review my gap year.

But for now, good night, and speak soon!

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